Plans & Pricing

MedMatrix Pricing gives providers the tools they need to grow revenue and operations with no upfront cost. Each package below includes a minimum 90 day free trial period. Contact a MedMatrix representative today to get started.

Reporter & Forecaster

$199 per provider per month

Reporter & Forecaster includes the complete dashboard for your clinic operations and simulator for potential changes to improve revenue.

Get a complete view of your clinics' operations and see how changes could improve your bottom line.

Resource Matcher

$49 per provider per month

A virtual assistant for your clinic front office and scheduling.

Dynamically set patient schedules and improve on-time performance

AI Revenue Capture Tools

10% of improved revenue over clinic baseline

AI Revenue Tools includes the Claim Optimizer, Market Expander, and Revenue Enhancer AI products to help capture hidden value in your clinic.

Use all of the AI tools to capture maximum revenue for your clinic, all for a small percentage of improved Revenue.