Capturing the unrealized value of your clinic.

The MedMatrix platform helps doctors find hidden value in their clinics, and improve both patient and physician satisfaction.

About us

We're a physician-founded  data analytics platform

MedMatrix is a full HIPAA compliant analytics platform developed by Healthcare Accretion AI, a group of medical professionals dedicated to the improvement of both patient and physician satisfaction. MedMatrix helps you increase revenue and profits in your clinics while reducting staff burden.

Why choose us

Built by doctors, for doctors

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Proprietary Platform

Our data analytics platform seamlessly integrates with your system and allows you to analyze patient resource needs at any time, ensuring your patients receive the best care possible.

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Built for Physician & Patient Satisfaction

We operate a traditional insurable fee-for-service model and value-based models contracting with Medicare, and other Commercial Payors.

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New Revenue Opportunities

With comprehensive end-to-end business solutions along with new technologies, MedMatrix allows providers to make more informed decisions, track and analyze their vital data and improve clinic operations while creating a smoother patient experience.

our process

A commitment to being a true partner in your clinic

Our process is painless and easy as 1-2-3-4

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