About Medmatrix

Leveraging data analytics to Enhance Revenue & Improve Patient Care

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MedMatrix is built by professionals with decades of experience in the medical and technology space. We understand the importance of both patient satisfaction and physician engagement, and work tirelessly to optimize both in our partner clinics.

Your Well Being Is Our Main Priority - Doctr X Webflow Template
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Our data analytics solution enhances revenue using your existing revenue cycle management, credentialing, centralized scheduling and compliance systems.  Our proprietary AI data solutions provide your leadership team a seamless solution for enhanced patient care.

our process

commitment to being a partner in your clinic

Our process is painless and easy as 1-2-3-4

Our values

The values that drive everything we do

We believe there is a more sustainable way to run healthcare in the US, and that technology is the key to doing so. Our platform can unlock new revenue sources while reducing physician burnout, and improving patient outcomes in the clinic.

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Care & Service

For both providers and patients, we make sure we provide a seamless experience that works with your personalized requirements.

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Patient Centric

Taking care of patients is priority #1. We use industry leading security techniques and rigorous testing to ensure patients are always safe.

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We treat our partnerships with doctors as relationships that require the upmost commitment.


Frequently asked questions

Is the assessment of my clinic really free? 

Absolutely - as part of our commitment to doctors, we happily provide a full report on our findings for your clinic at no charge, and with no commitment on your end. We only move forward once you decide you are ready and like what you see in our suggestions.

What is your pricing?

We don't charge any money up front for MedMatrix products. Our revenue is generated as a percentage of the revenue that our products generate for your clinic. We're true partners - we don't make money until your clinic does.

How does all this work? 

We use sophisticated data analytics to analyze your existing claims and clinic operations data. This lets us create a virtual version of your clinic and simulate many improvements we could make, ultimately leading to a personalized recommendation for your clinic that shows exactly how your clinic could improve revenue and patient outcomes.